Thrust66 at RocStock 10
Flying with Rocketry Orginazation of California
Photos with * taken by Jeff Stai
This is L-boy loaded and ready with an L1500 Blue thunder from Aerotech. The day was a perfect day, no wind no clouds. Totally Awesome. Always a quick pose with L-boy. You never know when you may not see it again. Already lost one nose cone, who knows whats next.
This is my Jim Hart Patriot. Its 11.5 inches in Diameter and 11 feet tall. It weighs in at 41 pounds with the L1500 Blue Thunder loaded in it. This is one of my favorite rockets, Jim Hart himself complemented me on it at Springfest in Nevada. If you see this Jim, Its still flyin'!!!
This is liftoff with the L1500, sure was awesome at dust. Thanks to Ken Finwall for his dusk launch of an M1939 at a previous launch. Thanks for the idea Ken. It couldnt have picked a softer place on the lakebed to land. Totally unscratched and ready to fly another day.