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This is a close up shot of Jeff's cluster flight.

1-J350 and 2-I284's

Photo by Roy Boy.

This is Greg's 4" Ultra Fatboy. It flew on a K550.

Greg got out there ahead of me to do this, we were really supposed to

drag race our Fatboy's on K550.

This is the Pic of my Ultra Fatboy on a K550.

Like I said we were supposed to race.

I ran out of time getting L-boy off the ground.

This is the weirdest thing. The nosecone went through the body.

Its pierced.

This is the Transformer rocket. It Flew on 3-H238's.

Someone's very cool Asp dual chute recovery.

The Guilty rocket on a K550.

This is someones Ultimate Endevor by PML. It flew on a cluster.

This is a very cool lauch off the rail. Pad 39a.


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