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This is another shot of Jeff's 3" dia Performer on a K185.

Photo by Roy Boy.

This is Jeff's other 6" dia Fatboy. aka K-boy.

Here its flying on a K550.

Photo by Roy Boy.

A K550??

Someone's very cool looking 2 stage rocket.

Someone's P.E. Performer on an I??

Another P.E. Performer. I think this one flew on a G80.

A P.E. V2-vengence its flying on either and I211 or I284.

This is someone's Baby Fatboy.  They bought, built, and flew it at
Rocstock in about 3 hours!!

This is Jeff with both of his high altitude attempts for sunday.

The rocket on the left is a PML Phobos on an I284.

The rocket on the right is a Vaughn Bros. Extreme 38 on an H45.


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