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This is one of the most awesome drag races i have ever seen.

If you can identify your rocket please let me know so i can put your name

up on here.

This is Jeff's Public Enemy 3" dia Performer on a K185

The estimated altitude was 9800 ft.

WOW!! It was cool.

This is my Public Enemy Baby Ultra Fatboy.

This is #1 of this kit. Its true name is Baby Ultra Fatboy from Hell.

On Sunday at the launch it went MACH about 100ft off the ground.

The True Power of a J350!!!  Mach Buster!!!

Photo By Roy Boy.

This is Jeff's 6" dia Fatboy just before the cluster flight.

It Flew on 1 - J350 and 2 - I284's.


Look at the hole it punched in the lake bed!! This is the equivilant of a K918.

918 newton average thrust, 1900 total newtons.

Jeff says next time the new 38mm J570 and 2 - I435's!!

Watch out for that one.


The L-Boy series of pics


This is Bert and I getting ready to put all 33 lbs of L-boy on the pad.

L-boy ready to fly!!!!!

This is L-Boy!! A Public Enemy 7.5" dia Fatboy.

Its flying on an L952!!!

Photo by Roy Boy.

See The Video Clip of this filght!!


Next is a series of pics of a Public Enemy 6" dia X 10' tall Performer


This is it loaded and ready for the 10000ft launch window.

This is me holding the rocket before going to the pad.

To the left is Lee Rouse President of Hemet Valley Rocket Club.

He is helping me exchange rods on my Griddle Pad.

From the left is Bill Seider, Lee Rouse and me.

Special Thanks to Bill for his GREAT ignitors.

Another shot of the Public enemy Crew in action.

From the left is Jeff then me and on the right is Lee.

Were ready to go for the L952 launch!!!

This is lift off. Photo by Roy Boy.

See the Video of this flight!!

And here the Public Enemy 6" dia performer ROCKS on an L952!!

This is my Public Enemy 4" dia Ultra Fatboy.

Its gone on a K550!

Im not the only one who did this. Greg did this too.

Ill have a pic of his soon.



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