Nathan's Favorite Rockets



This is my son Nathan. He loves rockets. You'll see his favorites soon.

This is Nathan with his Vaughn Brothers  BOB rocket.

He likes to fly it on G-80 motors.

As you can see Nathan likes the really tall rockets.

This is my PML Black Brant X.

This is his favorite. He wants me to paint it red. This is my Public Enemy 6" dia Performer.

This is my other 7.5"dia. Fatboy. Aka L-Boy.

Nathan says "Yeah, cool, BIG motor."

Here he is displaying a Public Enemy Ultra Fatboy. He says "Fatboys are cool."

This one is going to fly on a K550 at Rocstock7.

This is my second largest rocket. Its a Hott Rockets 9.25" Patriot.

It stands 11 feet tall and weighs 35 lbs.

Nathan says its tooooo big.