Fatboy type motor(s) weight apx. speed altitude delay time
3" 38mm I300 2.5lbs 550mph 4000ft 12 sec.
3" ultra 38mm J350 2.75lbs 730mph 6000ft 14sec
4" 29mm H238 1.5lbs 390mph 1400ft 6sec
4" 38mm I300 3.5lbs 440mph 2500ft 10sec
4" 54mm J460 3.75lbs 650mph 4000ft 11sec
4" 54mm J275 3.75lbs 550mph 4800ft 10sec
4" 54mm J180 3.75lbs 450mph 4100ft 10sec
4" ultra 38mm J350 3lbs 680mph 4000ft 10sec
4" ultra 54mm J415 6.5lbs 560mph 5400ft 14sec
4" ultra 54mm K550 6.5lbs 690mph 7100ft 14sec
6" 5-38mm J350 7lbs 350mph 2000ft 6sec
6" 5-38mm J350 & 2-I284 7lbs 650mph 4000ft 10sec
6" 54mm K1100 6lbs 650mph 3500ft 10sec
6" 54mm K550 6lbs 580mph 4000ft 10sec
(*) 6" 4-54mm 2-K550 12lbs 680mph 6000ft 13sec
(*) 6" 4-54mm 2-K550 & 2-J415 12lbs 820mph 7500ft 15sec
(*) 6" 4-54mm 2-K1100 & 2-J800 12lbs 950mph 6700ft 15sec
(*) 6" 4-54mm 4 - J800 15lbs 836mph 6500ft 15sec
7.5" 54mm K550 16lbs 400mph 1800ft 9sec
7.5" 98mm L952 22lbs 680mph 6200ft 12sec
(**) 11.5" 98mm M1939 ??? ??? ??? altimiter
All info. based on our rockets. Except (*) which has not flown yet
and (**) which is yet to come. Keep your eyes peeled!!