Public Enemy Rockets  


The 7.5" dia. Fatboy from Hell. Motor mounts 1 - 54mm & 4 - 38mm.

The birth of the Fatboy. In photo from the left is my brother Eric and his girlfriend Sara and Me ( Kirk )

Fatboy ready for the first flight at Rocstock6. Photo by Roy Boy.

Photo taken at Rocstock6 by Kim.  This is a pic before first flight.

It flew on a K550.

Fatboy on the Griddle pad in Hemet.

Kirk and the Fatboy. Photo by Jeff Gortatowski.

Fatboy on the pad at Springfest in Eldorado NV.

This is a pic of the Fatboys last successful flight. Photo by Roy Boy. At HVRC.

The first flight at ROC on a K550 at Rocstock6. Photo by Kim.

The second flight at Hemet on a K550.  Photo by Roy Boy.

The third flight at Springfest in Eldorado NV. on a K1100. Photo by Roy Boy.

This is where the idea for the paint job came from.


Today 5/17/98 the Fatboy died.  The K1100 Aerotech motor blew apart on the pad.

The delay closure and a propellant grain blew into the center of the rocket.

The resulting percussion completely blew apart the center of the rocket

and all 5 motor tubes.

Pics of the explosion and aftermath follow.



Here is the explosion.  K1100 detonation.

Just after the explosion.

A close up of the inner structure. Top three photos by Jeff Gortatowski.

This is the way you and the rocket look when something like this happens.

Photo by Roy Boy.

Here is the Fatboy Spawn.

Baby Ultra Fatboy from Hell.